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Vista de la ciudad


Edificios altos


PraCon Global Investment Group has the goal of investing in Real Estate projects that represent economic development not only with a high return, but also with a social impact that transforms the areas that need it the most.

PraCon Global Investment Group believes in investing in large-scale sustainable agriculture projects that contribute to securing a world without hunger.

Agricultores cosechando cultivos


Uso de gadget digital


PraCon Global Investment Group invests in the Technology sector with the goal of disrupting the industry to enable digital ecosystems that protect personal data.

PraCon Global Investment Group believes in a balanced energy production from Renewable Sources to Oil and Gas.

Turbinas de energía verde


Gráfico de la bolsa


PraCon Global Investment Group’s vision is to take an innovative approach to the Financial Sector through Capital Markets including Private Equity Funds

PraCon Global Investment Group has the vision to invest in Healthcare projects that make Healthcare available for the majority of the people.

Línea de producción de vacunas


Realidad virtual del automóvil


PraCon Global Investment Group looks for automotive assets including Tier 1, Tier 2, and Automotive Retail where the industry gets disrupted.

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